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VoiceGym Exercises for Adults

VoiceGym is a complete exercise programme for developing and maintaining the coordination and efficiency of voice, body and brain. The exercises work all of these together, resulting in a voice with the resonance and power that is only possible when the body has an attractive upright posture and the brain has flexibility and imagination.

The programme was designed by Angela Caine - voice teacher, musician, lecturer, presenter and author - using the principles of Functional Anatomy, Pilates, The Alexander Technique and the experience of dealing with troublesome voices (including her own) and turning them around so that they redevelop their inherent potential.

VoiceGym is particularly helpful to those who

Already sing or speak well, but who want to improve
Had a poor vocal beginning from which they would like to escape
Have been told they can't sing
Have a terror of being asked to read or present in public
Are having orthodontic treatment and are wearing appliances, and who want to reprogramme face, tongue, jaw muscles and whole-body posture
Are pregnant, or have young children, and do not realise how important a role the mother plays in development of voice, teeth and intelligence (See Early VoiceGym)
Have no maintenance system for their most important professional tool - the voice. Voice loss is not the time to think about that, prevention is better
The Voice Gym exercise book and audio CD provides all the fundamental exercise materials you need for the development and maintenance of your singing or speaking voice

There are three parts to the VoiceGym exercises

Part 1 Introductory whole-body exercises to connect voice, body, brain, speech and singing

The VoiceGym exercise book and audio CD provide you with the tools to connect voice, body, brain, speech and singing. After each exercise session you can find the answers to the questions that spring into mind in the VoiceGym Book.

Part 2 Tongue position, jaw translation and pelvic stability

These are potentially major areas of interference in the voice and in your life. Part 2 deals with them separately before encouraging them to work together. A new attitude to opening your mouth and a strengthening of pelvic and related muscles will bring major improvements to speech, singing and confidence.

Part 3 Material to build your vocal confidence

Including songs to sing, prose and poems. Develop resonance and pitch range reading poetry and prose aloud; roll and improvise - the ultimate freedom for voice and body; extend your singing repertoire over a greater pitch range using whole body stretch.

Additional items needed for the VoiceGym course

Some additional equipment will be required to complete the VoiceGym course. A correctly sized physio-ball (sometimes called a gym ball or swiss ball) and a resistance band (a heavy, green band is best for adults) are essential if you are to get the full benefit from the exercises. You will also learn how to use a balance (rocker) board and a bean bag to work on postural stability, and improve your pitch range, so you may want to consider investing in these as well. All of these items are available from a variety of online suppliers including Amazon - more information on sources and sizing, as well as plans for making your own balance board, are provided in the Exercise book.

The Complete VoiceGym on CD

The paperback edition of the VoiceGym Exercises is out of print, but we have now produced a new electronic version, which we have been developing as an alternative to the printed copies. It provides updated editions of both the VoiceGym text book and the adult VoiceGym exercise book as PDF (ebook) files on a computer CD (these can be read interactively on a computer and on most tablets and ipads), as well as the audio CD that accompanies the exercises and printable exercise sheets. The computer CD also contains background information and published material by Angela, and gives you the complete VoiceGym voice and body exercise system for adults.

The Complete VoiceGym comprises

The VoiceGym Exercises, as a PDF eBook. This provides complete instructions for all the exercises, and other essential information, needed to develop and maintain singing and speech in teenagers and adults. The exercises are are all very simple and are explained clearly by text and photographs, and most have accompanying audio tracks (on an audio CD, and as MP3 files) and word sheets. You can improve your voice by yourself with this system if you follow the simple instructions and practice regularly.

The VoiceGym Book, as a PDF eBook. This provides the background, teaching experience and research (sometimes in disciplines not previously related to voice) that has created VoiceGym. Simple diagrams, models and photographs make clear the interaction between brain, body and voice. This multidisciplinary approach will help you to think out of the box and question received wisdom when this is not supplying the answers that you need.

As well as supplementary material by Angela and background information.

The Complete VoiceGym on CD costs 45, plus shipping, from the VoiceGym shop

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