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The VoiceGym exercises PDF eBook contains complete instructions for all the VoiceGym exercises and other essential information needed to develop and maintain singing and speech in teenagers and adults. 

The exercises are are simple and are explained by text and photographs and most have accompanying audio tracks (on an audio CD, and as MP3 files) and Word sheets.

You can improve your voice by yourself with this system if you follow the simple instructions and practice regularly.

Also includes the VoiceGym Book eBook providing 160 pages of background, teaching experience and research (sometimes in disciplines not previously related to voice) that has created VoiceGym.

Simple diagrams, models and photographs make clear the interaction between brain, body and voice in this eBook, while its multidisciplinary approach will help you to think out of the box and question received wisdom when this is not supplying the answers that you need.

The Complete VoiceGym on CD

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  • Some additional equipment will be required to complete the VoiceGym (adult) course from home. 

    A correctly sized physio-ball (sometimes called a gym ball or swiss ball) and a resistance band (a heavy, green band is best for adults) are useful if you are to get the full benefit from the exercises. 

    You will also learn how to use a balance (rocker) board and a bean bag to work on postural stability, so you may want to consider investing in these as well. 

    All of these items are available from a variety of online suppliers including Amazon - more information on sources and sizing, as well as plans for making your own balance board, are provided in the Exercise book.

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