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Meet the team

Simone Laraway
Gabi Baracsy

Alexander Evans BA (Hons)


Director VoiceGym Limited, VoiceGym Instructor, Body Control Pilates Instructor, CHEK Exercise coach


Alexander is director of VoiceGym. Alexander met Angela Caine whilst studying for his degree at Southampton University and on graduating he continued to study and teach VoiceGym at the Voice and Body Centre. He has also studied and qualified with the CHEK institute here in the UK and is a BodyControl Pilates instructor.


He collaborated with Angela for 18 years primarily studying the effects of dentistry and structural misalignment in 'performance' and has taught and help develop VoiceGym and Early VoiceGym. He has coached leading west end artists, opera singers and international recording artists, as well as dentists, osteopaths, doctors, lawyers and teachers. He is currently a resident therapist for the European Union Youth Orchestra, teaching Pilates to the young musicians of Europe.  

Alexander is a founder member of the Dynamic Smile team in Hungary where he has helped set up the first VoiceGym in an orthodontic practice, and visits regularly  to teach. 

Along with VoiceGym workshops in the UK and abroad, he also currently runs VoiceGym teacher training workshops at Body Control Pilates headquarters in London and has presented at their development weekends. 

He has also forged his own career as an actor / singer performing in West End Musicals, UK and international tours, find out more.


Contact Alexander for more information on VoiceGym, classes and workshops ( +44 (0) 7801 423 538 )


Simone Laraway BA(Hons)

LRAM, DipRam, VoiceGym Instructor


Simone Laraway studied Music & English Literature at Southampton University where she met Angela Caine. After graduation she worked with Angela at the Voice and Body Centre and became a VoiceGym instructor. She then went on to study PostGraduate Musical Theatre at The Royal Academy of Music and also obtained her LRAM in the Art of Singing.


Simone is a professional Singer and has worked in cabaret and Musical Theatre both in the UK and Europe. She specialises in children's voices but having said that has taught all ages from 3 to 73. What she loves to do is unlock the potential of the voice. She has been teaching for over 15 years and is dedicated to keep developing VoiceGym.


Simone is based in Scotland and can be contacted on 01463 861443 or by email for more.


Gabi Baracsy

SLP, OM, VoiceGym Instructor - Hungary

Gabi is the newest member of our team and currently teaches in Budapest, where she works for Hungary's leading orthodontist, Dr Gabor Hermann at Hermann Ortho.  

Gabi studied at Eötvös Loránd University Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Education in Speech Therapy and is the first therapist to have integrated VoiceGym full time into an orthodontic practice, with terrific results! Along with Alexander Evans and Manual Therapist Ferenc Csiky they have founded the D Smile Training that combines elements on VoiceGym, speech therapy, orofacial myology and primal movement.

In her spare time Gabi loves horse riding and the beautiful countryside that Hungary has to offer.

Gabi can be contacted by email for more.


Dr Alison Holden BAppSc Chiropractor

Alison’s passion lies in working to remove the postural causes of poor facial growth in children.

She first became aware of the link between body posture, breathing habits and facial growth in 2000, and has worked extensively in this area since that time.

She has presented at seminars for dentists in both Europe and in Australia.

Alison has a holistic approach to health and achieves great results using Chirodontics, Sacro Occipital Technique, Total Body Modification, Neuro Emotional Technique, cranial adjusting, gentle manipulation of the spine, Myofunctional exercises and the Myofunctional Voice Gym.

She has completed breathing courses in both the US and Australia to become a breathing educator. She works to change body posture and chemistry associated with over-breathing and sleep disordered breathing patterns in both adults and children.

She is a qualified Paediatric Massage Consultant and is currently completing her Diplomate of the Australian College of Chiropractic Paediatrics.

Alison can be contacted by email

Angela Caine AGSM, LRAM

Angela Caine

Angela Caine, the founder of VoiceGym, passed away peacefully on 22 July 2011, after a short illness.


Find out more in Angela's obituary.

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