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Working with voice problems

Posture, dentition, voice and intelligence develop interdependently in early childhood and go on affecting each other throughout life, so VoiceGym crosses the barriers of many different disciplines.


Voice Gym has introduced many singers and other musicians, actors, teachers and other voice users to the dangers of ignoring functional anatomy, dentistry and skeletal alignment in their professional advancement. 


By exploring the muscle systems required for efficient breathing and voice function it is possible to also expose those which have been developed to compensate for skeletal and dental misalignment, for example a bite problem or a skeletal shift in body posture.


A network of clinicians experienced in voice problems:


Through membership of research groups and the study of voice stress VoiceGym has established a multidisciplinary network. This involves dentists, orthodontists, chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and sports therapists, who are experienced in treating voice problems in musicians, singers and other professional voice users. 


Interdisciplinary work among clinicians is relatively new and links between dentition, structural misalignment and voice problems are only just beginning to be established.


The team at VoiceGym can offer information about a variety of alternative clinicians who all work at the 'sharp end' of current research into performance and, more importantly, who are prepared to work together.


This cooperation between disciplines is important in accurately diagnosing the underlying cause of a problem.


Early in her professional singing career Angela Caine suffered recurring voice problems. Various voice specialists failed to solve them. She subsequently discovered that the voice problems were a symptom of other more serious structural problems. Many performers prefer to just give up, not able to cope with peer pressure and a profession geared only to success. See The Devil Within for the full story.


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Images by Dr. Jonathan Howat

Temporo Mandibular Joint Muscle System
Spinal Distortion
Normal Symmetric Spine

Images by Dr. Jonathan Howat. J. Howat (1999) Chiropractic, Anatomy and Physiology of Sacro Occipital Technique. Cranial Communications Systems, Oxford. ISBN 0 9537286 0 9.

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