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The Devil Within

The Devil Within costs £9.99 from the VoiceGym shop, or only £5.00 if bought with the Complete VoiceGym or Early VoiceGym.

The Devil Within

The Devil Within

As reviewed in Positive Health, July 2007, by David Hefferon


Few people realise what an important role the voice plays in all aspects of your life. The Devil Within is Angela Caine's story of the failure of her singing career and the discovery that, even though the problems with her voice were affecting her whole life, no one could solve them or even considered they were important. It is the passionate 'gloves off' story of the struggle to recover personal power and the quality of life, through finding the way to recover her voice.


The determination that quality speech and singing should be available to everyone went on to be the incentive for the development of VoiceGym and Early VoiceGym. Along the way she discovered the lottery of dental care and the way most dentists ignore the way the teeth interact with the rest of the body, the lack of any voice development in education, even for teachers and the lack of any cohesive physical fitness training and maintenance for the developing singer.


It is a poignant story that touches everyone who has ever asked "Does my voice really express who I am?" It is also a stark warning to those who don't think it's important.


It promoted the design of Early VoiceGym because throughout my life it has become increasingle clear that generation by generation children in the Western world are losing the fundamental freedom to develop through play while increasing their chances of acquiring more and more health and life problems through poor development of posture, voice and dentition in the early years. What happened to me fifty years ago should not be happening now but it is ... all the time.


The Devil Within costs £14.99 from the VoiceGym shop

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