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Professional voice users

Are you still doing 20th Century Presentations?


Some simple questions will give you a clue:


  • Do you believe that taking a few slow deep breaths will calm your nerves?

  • Are you trying to project your voice?

  • Have you been taught to use eye contact?

  • Have you been taught to use body language?

  • Do you always use amplification?

  • Do you stand on braced legs, knees locked back to meet your challenges?


If the answer is "Yes" to all these your presentations, your communication with colleagues and your professional persona is not nearly as good as it could be. However clever you are with power point, however many presentation aids and 'tricks' you may have, the voice is the Number 1 professional communicator of you, your skill and your passion. If you are using all these 'nip and tuck' devices you are not getting the best out of yourself.


Voice Gym and Professional Development:


According to Geoff Sober, Managing Director


"All the jobs I have ever had have involved communication-teacher of modern languages, salesman and business owner. Throughout these careers I was always comfortable speaking on a one to one basis or in the "authority" position of teacher to pupil or boss to employee.


However, VoiceGym put me in a group of peers or strangers or ask me to give a talk and I would either withdraw into myself and avoid speaking out or prepare in advance by writing out in full what I might need to say leading to very stilted and usually boring speech. I went to Angela Caine to address this problem and I got so much more than I bargained for: Free flowing speech and thought.


A better link between my thoughts and speech: the removal of the fear of music created in me by a music teacher; an energy flow which allows me to achieve without "trying hard", without strife & anxiety; a physical body which was tight and tense in the shoulders and legs became more flexible; the confidence to speak in front of groups without the left brained preparation which had previously led to such poor presentations; the energy, vitality and confidence to continue to pursue my goals at a time of life when many people are thinking of slowing down.


Most importantly the joyful discovery that I have a voice.


I can sing and I enjoy singing enormously."


Buy the complete VoiceGym and get yourself going.


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