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Myofunctional VoiceGym
10 Week Intermediate course
12 Week Advanced course

The Myofunctional VoiceGym has been designed to optimise individual body posture, breathing, and voice production leading to enhanced myofunction, chewing and intrinsic swallowing patterns. 


The key to our method is to help the body structure restore its fundamental balance through play. 


It has been created by integrating various pre-existing and established therapies, including, but not limited to Orofacial Myology, Speech Therapy, DSmile, VoiceGym, Pilates and functional movement exercises.


It became clear to us, as a team, that you could never solve a patients orofacial or postural problems only focussing on the position and action of the tongue and the teeth. Neither does a single body function occur in isolation from the rest of the system. So we developed a technique that works with the whole body in all planes of movement and function. 


Students have a preliminary assessment before they begin. Visual changes occur much more noticeably in younger children moving through phases of growth than they do in adults, but functional changes occurs in everyone. 


Different reasons you may have Myofunctional VoiceGym recommended to you include tongue thrust, and mouth breathing, temperomandibular disorders (TMJ), frequent headaches, upper and lower back pain, teeth grinding and snoring issues in adults and sleep disordered breathing in children. It is also used for professional singers and speakers, to improve speech projection and to coordinate speech/voice breathing habits. 


It is designed to be taught over a 3 month period, which we have found to be enough to bring about noticeable changes in both form and function. It includes 12 (or 10 for basic and intermediate) weekly sessions, each building on the last. These can be taught one to one or in a class. We keep the classes in age groups, to keep levels of function comparable.  

The classes run for a maximum of 1 hour. The most benefit from the program is reached when the recommended home practice is performed daily. This usually entails 10 to 15 minutes for Basic and Intermediate and Advanced 20-30 minutes of exercise a day. 

You will be required to purchase the course manual and additional essential equipment (a foam roller and physio / gym ball, burst resistant)

UK Fees:


£55   45min studio

Course Manual:

£25 (+ P+P )

Weekly sessions:

£65   1hr Studio

Group classes the fees will vary, for further information please call:


+44 7801 423 538

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