VoiceGym DSmile course (from home)

As many of us are isolating, including myself, I am offering the opportunity to teach from home via Skype / Zoom or any other means available... Please email me directly should you be interested.

Are you a habitual mouth breather !?

Would you like to improve your voice !?

How is your posture !?

I am now running the VoiceGym / DSmile combination course... this is a 12 week structured course for individuals. Combining elements of face muscle exercise, speech / voice and language therapy (VoiceGym) and functional exercises (Pilates / Primal movement).

It takes approximately 10 to 12 (1hr) sessions to complete the entire course and attendees are required to do 10 to 15 mins of daily practice....

Here's a great opportunity to learn some new skills and tone up the muscles of the face!

Sending best wishes at this time,

Alexander Evans



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